Maggie Matthews Cuckolds a Bitch Boy

Men with small dicks are useless to me in almost every way. I still like to keep one around at all times though. I get off on humiliating cucky white boys. I love to make them feel small and worthless. It makes my pussy wetter than you can believe. The best cuckolds are the ones that immediately recognize that I’m a superior female that needs to be serviced. They shouldn’t talk back and they shouldn’t complain about anything I do to them because I make the decisions.
This dumb white boy was a perfect find. He let me boss him around, he let me abuse him and he was more than happy to wait while a big black cock fucked me and gave me pleasure. I require pleasure often and this ebony stud was incredibly well hung and able to deliver it thoroughly. Cucky was getting a little too interested though so I made him turn away from us so he couldn’t get excited. It just wouldn’t do to have him getting hard. He did eat the cum off my stomach though. Cum eating cuckolds are the best.

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An American Cuckold Sucks a Big One

She wanted to watch him suck a big cock – When Amai Liu first came to America she just knew there was going to be a big white cock at the end of the rainbow but what she ended up with turned out to be very disappointing. Instead of a big cock, all she got from her husband was a tiny dick. So she told him that either he find some way to satisfy her or she was gone. He was willing to do anything to make his wife happy, including finding someone with a bigger, harder and longer lasting cock to please her. But would he let her watch him suck on that cock?
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Please Sir! Cum in My Wife

Cuckoldress Harmony is back and this time she is even more aggressive, dominant and verbally abusive then before. I think you will agree that this is one of the hottest and best made cuckold movies around. It was even nominated in 2008 by AVN for Best Specialty Video. This movie has scene after scene of some of the most intense sex and humiliating cuckold situations that will keep you cumming back to watch again and again.

As the movie starts we see that Harmony has chained her cuckold husband Freddy to the bed and she is telling him that she has been fantasizing about having sex with her personal trainer, Frank and wants Freddy to give his permission for her to actually do it and not only that she expects him to lick her messy pussy and eat her dripping creampie afterwards. At first her husband is shocked but he really loves his wife and wants to make her happy…and Harmony always gets what she wants anyway.

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Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 9

Alexis Breeze – The Humiliation Starts Now!

Alexis has been thinking a lot about her new lover lately … Thinking Long and Hard about him.
She just loves his big black cock. But what about her boyfriend?
Well he is just going to have to watch her enjoy going balls-deep on her new black lover.
Watching her fuck her new stud is just the beginning of the horror story for her sissy boyfriend. Licking the cum from her well used pussy is going to be where the real humiliation starts!

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Alexis Breeze - The Humiliation Starts Now

Marlena in Forced Bi Cuckold

When Marlena’s husband Felix said he thought he saw a blowjob in his future, he had no idea that he would be the one giving it or that his wife would be the one to force him to suck on his own buddy’s cock!
Marlena wanted Felix to give her some tips on giving a great blowjob, and what better way to learn than by example. When it comes to mouths-on training, Felix seems to be a good teacher and Marlena is an A+ student!

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Marlena in Forced Bi Cuckold

Tera Dice – Big Black Stimulus Package

When President Obama promised that a stimulus package was coming for hard working Americans, Tera’s husband had no idea that it included a huge black cock. Tera couldn’t have been happier though; her husband’s small white dick had been sexually bankrupt for years! Time for Tera to enjoy times of penile prosperity and leave the clean up to some other unlucky bastard. Like her husband!

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Tera Dice

Samantha Sin – Biggest Cum Eating Cuckold

Welcome to the World’s Biggest Cum Eating Cuckold. We introduce Samantha Sin to an array of black men… 5 to be exact. All 5 guys cum inside of her sloppy wet pussy and guess what? Her husband is there to eat it out. We introduced Samantha to 2 black cocks in Inseminated By 2 Black Men, and now she can’t get enough of it! Watch Samantha take in 5 thick black cocks. A White girl this hot can be only be seen taking this many at Kick Ass Pictures!

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Samantha-Sin - Worlds Biggest Cum Eating Cuckold

Adrianna Nicole – Biggest Cum Eating Cuckold

It’s Adrianna’s birthday and she cry if she wants to, cry if she wants to! You would cry too, if this happened to you! Cum Eating Cuckolds bitches! Adrianna Nicole really loves dick, and especially on her birthday. Today we have a “World’s Biggest Cum Eating Cuckold” scene for ya’ll. Watch Adrianna suck on all of those cocks til’ they cum, and then snowball it back into her lover’s mouth. You can tell he dreads it, but anything to please his wife will just have to do!

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Flower Tucci – Pleasing The Wife

Flower Tucci is on the curvy side. She’s a thick girl and she knows how to flaunt her stuff. We know you would want a hottie like her as your wife. If you had a wife this hot, wouldn’t you do everything you can to please her?
Even if she asked you to eat another man’s cum from her pussy? Her husband is all about pleasing, all about Flower and is all about creampie eating. Watch Flower taking a huge black cock in her pussy and them watch her husband eat his leftovers. YUM!

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Kelly Wells is a Cheating Wife

Kelly Wells is a cheating wife.  Fucking a huge black cocked man behind her lover’s back will piss her husband off… or will it? Watch this extremely hot scene that involves fucking, sucking, and snowballing! Her husband really knows how to please this slut.

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